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With VoIP Number™, you’ll be able to keep your personal calls and your business calls separate. With this incredible technology, your business will look much more professional than ever before. VoIP Number™ features powerful tools for your virtual landline, such as:

  • An unlimited amount of minutes and texts
  • Incredibly easy to set up
  • Available on any and all devices
  • No need for a long term contract
Mobile Device Compatible Mobile Device Compatible Mobile Device Compatible Mobile Device Compatible

Mobile Device Compatible

VoIP Number™ Phone Number

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Our Powerful Features

With voipnumber.org, you can run your business from any one of your mobile devices or landlines. Plus, there are many other powerful features involved:


Many Local Business Numbers Available

No matter your area code, you can find and buy a local VoIP Number™.

Offering Toll Free Numbers & Vanity Phone Lines

With VoIP Number™, you can choose Toll Free and Vanity phone lines for your business, helping you to set up a professional appearance for your customers.

A Virtual Receptionist For Your Business

With a virtual receptionist, you can use extensions, greetings, and voicemail boxes for your callers, ensuring professionalism is heard whenever a caller comes through.

The Use of Call Forwarding & Business Texting

With VoIP Number™, you can use call forwarding to push all incoming calls and texts to your mobile or desktop phone. Using VoIP Number™, you can respond directly.

A VoIP Service for all Businesses

We know every business needs something different, and that’s why we’ve built a virtual phone service that’s scalable and easy to use. You can simply select the phone number(s) you need, and use them. As your business expands, you can purchase more features to make operations smoother, such as auto dialing, or call tracking via location, lead source and quality, as well as employee performance.

Suitable for all Businesses small to big

Suitable for all Businesses small to big


Our Business Phone Services are Built for Success

You’re going to need more than a phone number to build your brand. With our services, you’ll have all of the communication tools necessary to work towards success. You can upgrade your subscription at any time to feature advanced call tracking, monitoring, and recording, as well as contact management, predictive dialing, employee onboarding, and even more! With just a click of the ‘confirm’ button, you’ll be up and running.

Make Use of Call Tracking & Analytics

Call when the numbers in your contact book are most likely to pick up. You can also track your campaigns via the necessary numbers, helping to analyze your marketing efforts.

A Capable Auto Dialer for Your Convenience

VoIP Number™ has a predictive dialer & auto dialing capabilities, ensuring you can automate your sales campaign in a variety of ways.

Visual Voicemail on Demand

Be able to read any voicemails a caller leaves you, and be emailed transcriptions of the messages.

Handy Auto-Text

With VoIP Number™’s auto text feature, you’ll be able to respond promptly to thousands of incoming text messages in seconds.

Our VoIP Number™ Pricing Details

No Annoying Contracts, No Extortionate Setup Fees, An Unlimited Amount of Minutes, and Cancel Anytime.

When you’re a small business trying to get off the ground, your days are complicated. Your virtual phone system needs to be as simple as it can be, and with VoIP Number™ you’ll have self-service, simple pricing, and no long term contracts.


An Unlimited Amount of Minutes & Texts

One Time Payment, No Complicated Billing

Using VoIP Number™, you won’t need any expensive phone lines ever again, and you won’t have to be locked into a contract that takes more than its fair share. You won’t have to monitor your VoIP usage as a result, to avoid having to pay big fees that you don’t deserve to deal with. VoIP Number™ makes sure that your number unlimited amount of minutes and texts for your business. Our lines are reliable, with quality call sound and speed, and our call and texting services work on a fixed fee per month, with no accompanying hidden charges. You won’t have to worry about overage fees when working with us.

Talk and Text Included Talk and Text Included Talk and Text Included Talk and Text Included Talk and Text Included

Talk and Text Included


VoIP Number™ is here for your business. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our communication services for businesses both big and small. Simply ask our past clients what they thought!


Toll Free Business Texting

Text messaging via a toll free number - nothing could be more convenient!

VoIP Number™ has a two way text messaging service, which will allow your customers to contact you whenever you send them marketing texts. No matter if you’re using a local or toll free number, you will have access to this feature. You will be able to answer on a customer by customer basis, with an instanced portal for every single lead in your phone book. You can either do this directly by hand, or make use of automated replies for frequently asked questions about your business’ products or services, based on registered keywords triggered by our autoresponder SMS system.

Don’t Delay, Get Started With Us Immediately

You’ll be given a walkthrough of all features and how to set them up. There’s no hassle involved, absolutely no long term contracts, and there will never be a hidden fee.

Vanity Number VoIP Lines

With a Vanity Phone Number, contacts will remember your name. A vanity number spells out your business name; take 1-800-YOUR-BIZ as an example. If you want to use print advertising or word of mouth in marketing, this is a great tactic.

VoIP Number™ Mission Statement

Here at VoIP Number™, we want to provide your business with a cost effective, scalable virtual phone system. In the past, we’ve provided thousands of similar businesses with the right communication tools to grow their operation, and we want to do the same for you.

Your Name Here Vanity Numbers Your Name Here Vanity Numbers

Your Name Here Vanity Numbers

Port your number to us Port your number to us

Port your number to us

You Can Port Your Number

If you have an existing number you’d like to port over to our VoIP services, email us at info@voipnumber.org to let us know.

An Unlimited Amount of Minutes & Text Messaging

With our one time fee here at VoIP Number™, you can keep your focus where it needs to be, rather than worrying about your phone bills.

Common Questions About VoIP Number™

If you have other questions, please contact us.